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IIT exam coaching classes in Pune

IITs conduct entrance exam each year to select candidates for 4-year engineering courses in various branches of the engineering at the prestigious IITs in the country. The IIT exam coaching classes in Pune prepare students for IIT JEE main and advanced exams, which are part of the new entrance test. The new entrance exam tests the basic knowledge and numerical solving ability of the candidates in the chemistry, physics and mathematics. Only those who clear main, appear in the advanced test, which ranks the candidates for admission in IITs of the country.

It should be clear to candidates that in the new pattern of the test, the weight is also given to the score in the 12th standard. The candidates should also give equal importance,

The IIT exam coaching classes in Pune prepare students for both main and advanced tests. The basic great emphasis is given to the basic concepts of three subjects that are part of the tests. Each student is guided from basic concepts to the advanced numerical problems and topic in a systematic manner, ensuring that student is able to absorb the knowledge and concept.

Syllabus of the IIT main and advanced tests

That topics that are part of the 11th and 12th standard in chemistry, physics and mathematics are part of the IIT main. There is not much difference between the syllabus for main and advanced tests. Only some topics are included in the advanced, which may not be part of the IIT main. The numerical problems are also part of the IIT advanced.

The main exam has two papers, 1 and 11. Paper 1 is for engineering students and paper 11 for architecture students. The marks are 360, 120 for each subject, with negative marks. Duration of the exam is 3 hours.

How do IIT coaching classes in PUNE play an important role in the preparations?

We prepare extensive notes on each topic in the three subjects, which saves time and resource. The students do not have to consult many books. Notes contain all definitions, formulas, concepts, including short cuts to solve the numerical problems and save time in tests.

The mock tests are conducted under the real exam conditions to help students deal with the stress and anxiety of the test.

The mock tests results are discussed and weaknesses, if any, are removed by extra classes and doubt sessions.

Each topic has countless practice tests and question to prepare and understand the preparation levels.

We also give an emotional and psychological boost to students.