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It is our firm belief that every student with interest in basic sciences and determination to make it to the premium medical and engineering colleges can succeed with the right guidance and coaching. We at VidhyaSarita provide the guidance, monitoring and full support to help students achieve their goal of clearing the entrance exams of medical and engineering colleges.

Our proven track record, our expertise in teaching and our faculty member’s deep insight into the right preparation methods enable us to provide one of the best coaching for IIT and medical exams in the country.

We rely on two methods to equip our students to face one of the toughest exams in the world. First is our study material, which is based on the exam syllabus, and second, our systematic preparation. We plan our coaching in such a way that each topic of each subject is thoroughly absorbed by the candidate.

Every topic is repeated through mock tests, discussions and doubt sessions. Each topic is further tested by numerical problems based on it, which candidates have to solve. Our faculty guides candidates through all these steps towards the final entrance test.

To make the absorption of knowledge easy, we use the latest educational tools, charts, monitors, audio-visual system, diagrams, animation and latest software tools.  Each session is of short duration, followed by a break, which gives time to consolidate the knowledge.

Not only we take care of academic preparations, but we also understand that only fresh and clear mind can sit through long preparation months. This is why we give equal importance to emotional, psychological support. As a part of the preparation, we take out students to theme parks and other such places to help them relax and de-stress the mind.  Our weekly Sunday outings are part of our schedule.

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